Learning Modules Reflection

The first learning module taught me a lot about how to succeed on nursing exams. I found the approach it taught for the select all that apply questions made them seem a lot less daunting. Thinking about each option as a true or false question and remembering not to think too much about the amount I am marking as correct or incorrect made a big difference for me. I also found the breaking down of the questions and highlighting the relevant information to be really beneficial in understanding what is important and what is being asked. I have already begun using the strategies I learned from this module, and it has showed in my recent exam scores.

The second learning module was helpful in understanding the role of the nurse as well as the patient in the care team. The understanding of the entire care team’s roles as well as the role of the nurse is essential to providing quality care and helping to reach patient outcomes. This knowledge is applied in practice everyday in knowing how to best help the patient, whether it is giving them independence, assisting when needed, or calling for assistance from another member of the care team when needed.

One thought on “Learning Modules Reflection”

  1. Nice work Daisy! I am glad you found the modules helpful for now and in the future. The role of the team is vital in care today because our patients are so very complex with so many needs, that indeed, it takes ‘a village’ to help them to accomplish their goals.

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