My Recursive Writing Process

I have learned many new strategies to approach writing as a recursive process this semester. I feel as though everything I thought I knew about writing essays was very general and inefficient. However, now I have obtained new skills and am a more confident writer. I used to view writing as a drag because I was not taught the effective skills I needed to be successful. Now that I am at the end of this course, I feel like a brand new writer. Some of the strategies I hope to use going forward in my education are making connections and thoughtful annotations in the margins of texts, brainstorming by “following the thread”, creating an outline, and saving quotes from sources that catch my attention while reading. One of the most useful strategies I have discovered to create a draft is to simply get all my thoughts down on the page. I have realized that not feeling pressured by the grammar or structure yet is very helpful to just get myself started on a prompt, which I have previously found to be one of the most difficult parts of writing. To revise, I read my paper out loud to catch the mistakes in content and overall organization of my paper. In order to polish my final product, I read it aloud again and seek help from online services to catch anything I may have missed or be unaware of. I am very happy with my progress this semester and have found this class to be much more helpful than I imagined. I have improved greatly in my approach to writing and will continue the use of these strategies in my future work.