Preparation for Licensure (ATI Comp Predictor Proctored)

While taking this assessment, I started to feel myself losing concentration at a few points. I think this was partly because I felt discouraged when I got to questions that I didn’t know how to answer, and partly because of the length of the test itself. However, when I submitted it I was really happy to see that it determined I have a 97% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first attempt. I was very nervous to see this percentage, and felt a great relief. Throughout this semester, I feel I have been able to successfully find my strengths and weaknesses in test taking through these practice ATI assessments. This has allowed me to improve my test taking process and reflect on each assessment in order to keep progressing. I will continue practicing techniques to maintain my focus throughout the exam, refrain from changing my answers and dwelling on questions for too long, as well as the other strategies I have used in these recent practice assessments.