Preparation for Licensure (Comp Predictor A)

I usually find myself having a hard time with the practice assessments that are lengthier, such as this one at 150 questions. The length of time that I am required to focus makes me restless and tend to rush at times. I tried implementing a couple of breaks throughout this practice assessment to maintain my focus, but I still feel like a lack of concentration may have contributed to a score lower than I’d like. Through the remediation process, I noticed quite a few concepts from maternity and earlier nursing courses that I needed to refresh my memory on. These topics were mostly in the management of care and physiological adaptation categories. I was happy to see an improvement in my performance in the pharmacological and parenteral therapies category, which I was hoping to improve on from earlier assessments this semester. I will focus on brushing up on these concepts and continuing to take breaks as I need them. I hope to see this reflect in a higher score at the end of the next comprehensive practice assessment.