Preparation for Licensure

After taking the ATI Medical Surgical adaptive test, I noticed a few things about my test taking process. One thing that I felt went well was that I was able to recall learning about the majority of the questions asked. A fear I have about the NCLEX is being asked about concepts that I do not recall learning about, since it is largely impossible to cover every possible scenario in school. After remediating, I was also able to recognize my mistakes and make sense of them by using information I had already learned. I feel more confident that I am capable of answering these questions, and will try not to feel so overwhelmed going into the next assessment. It was nice to feel more prepared than I was expecting. Something I would like to improve on is my concentration. I think I could improve this by taking breaks when I need them. Losing concentration caused me to make silly mistakes like misreading some of the questions. Watching my question count get higher and higher was discouraging and took away from my focus at several points. When I saw my results, I ended up doing better than I felt I was doing during the test, although I would love to see my score improve. I would also like to improve my performance on select all that apply questions. I feel I was overthinking on those questions often, and worrying about choosing too many or too few answers. Additionally, I noted that I had changed between two answers while lingering on questions, and that ended up making me select the incorrect response. Looking toward the next assessment, I will be sure to take some more breaks to avoid making careless mistakes, try not to overthink on select all that apply questions, and be more confident in my knowledge without changing answers. Now that I have reflected, I will keep these things in mind as I take the next assessment.