Learning Outcome 4

The peer review process I learned this semester redesigned the way I view both others’ and my own papers. Reading a paper through a global lens is a much different experience from the experience you get focusing locally. The peer review I have included images of below is of the final paper from one of my peers for this English course. At the beginning of the semester, I was struggling to try and focus on the global aspects of papers in the revision process. I had been so used to previously marking the sentence-level errors I came across in reviewing others’ essays – I was in the habit of ignoring the bigger picture. As you can see in this peer review, I am focusing on the flow, ideas, content, and evidence that my peer has included in their work, rather than a misplaced comma or other small mistake that can be caught later. I have numbered the paragraphs as a suggestion to how I think my peer should reorganize it to make it flow better. I have also suggested areas in which my peer can expand on their ideas more to make the paragraph more relevant to the thesis. This also includes my comments that this peer can add more evidence of a personal nature in the areas it is appropriate, and where it is most appropriate to integrate the words of a source we examined in class.  I can see a lot of improvement in my ability to thoughtfully review others’ work, which carries through to being able to see my own work in a more vigorous and attentive manor. Often, I have found the revisions on a global scale can help the local errors be corrected simultaneously.