Post-Interview Reflection

The most important thing I learned from this interview about leadership in nursing is to have the confidence to advocate for your patients. Even though it can be scary in the beginning, it is one of the most important roles of the nurse to push through that fear in the best interest of the patient. She explained to me that after having the opportunity to grow over the course of the past 3 years she has been a nurse, she has gained the confidence and interprofessional communication skills it takes to be both a team player and a patient advocate. Last year, as her coworkers took notice of her growth and strong leadership qualities, she was trained as a charge nurse for the unit. She spoke about how this position has further strengthened qualities such as organization and swift decision making. On the topic of self-awareness, I asked how she maintains professionalism in the face of burnout. Mackenzie emphasized the importance of being self aware and knowing her limits. This allows her to anticipate feelings of frustration and to stop for a deep breath to maintain composure. I asked Mackenzie about how she manages conflict. I learned that if it is an external conflict, she usually aims to calmly resolve it herself by discussing it directly with the other party to find out more behind their thought process. If she faces an internal conflict, she seeks the opinion of others to help guide her decision making process. It was surprising to learn how much of her leadership qualities came from learning on the job. It has made me feel more confident that I can develop these qualities too with more experience and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

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  1. Excellent Daisy! It is great to have such a leader sister to look up to!

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