Appraisal and Synthesis

After completing the appraisal and synthesis, I discovered some similarities and differences between the studies I have chosen regarding my topic. Two out of three of the articles I am using for my paper concluded that cannabis is an effective form of management for PTSD-related symptoms. However, I was interested to see in the study conducted by LaFrance and colleagues, that cannabis use was not so effective as a long term management tool for these symptoms. In future nursing practice, I predict a growing instance of the use of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for short-term relief of PTSD symptoms. However, I look forward to seeing further research into alternative, more effective options for managing these symptoms in patients long-term. As I worked alone, I did not have the benefit of seeing a teammate’s perspective about this intervention. I think looking into the study conducted by LaFrance (2020) offered this differing perspective to me where cannabis is not always an effective solution.