Learning Outcomes 5&6

Working with MLA format has always been something I struggled with throughout high school english and writing classes. In my chosen significant writing project, I was able to use in-text citations appropriately and create a more accurate works cited page than I have in previous papers before entering this class. In paragraphs that I integrated outside sources, I cited both phrases I had quoted from other others and paraphrasing I had written correctly.  An example of my work with MLA format from my significant writing project can be found in the paragraph where I cite Dhruv Khullar’s work: “Studies have shown that “viewing cancer as a fight can lead to maladaptive coping mechanisms and encourage emotional suppression”, which results in a poorer quality of life when compared to those that choose to view their cancer in a more positive light (Khullar).”. Checking over my MLA formatting and citations occurred with the local revision process, in which I would also review sentence level errors I had made while writing. I would review the paper as a whole with a read-through once I had finished writing up all of my paragraphs and thoughts. Reading the paper out loud to myself helped me catch these errors because I could hear when the wording was not quite right or when I had used an idea from another author and forgotten to cite it. The technique of reading my work out loud is also a skill that I have learned from this class, which has really helped me catch not only the overarching issues but also the smaller details in my writing .