ATI Modules 3 and 4 Reflection

The two biggest points I found to be helpful from the priority setting module was to remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and ABC (airway, breathing, circulation) when prioritizing tasks for patient’s. These two guidelines have been very helpful to me in answering a lot of test questions for other courses as well as helping me to start thinking like a nurse. While other needs of patient’s are of course important to consider, especially in the nursing profession where we need to consider the person as a whole, it is key to remember to address physiological needs first. On this level of Maslow’s Hierarchy, the ABC considerations also come in. They go hand in hand together with priority setting. The points in this module were also very closely related to the knowledge and critical thinking module. Applying the ABC and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs concepts are part of the critical thinking process. Critical thinking helps the nurse to prioritize one patient’s needs or prioritize an intervention over another to achieve the best outcome. The clinical decision making process section was really helpful in showing me how to go about identifying problems with the patient and then being able to prioritize using the information from that process. Both of these modules were beneficial in getting me to start thinking like a nurse both for exams, the NCLEX, and in the clinical setting.

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  1. Good, I am glad the modules helped you develop a framework for future decision making. Nice job.

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