Preparation for Licensure (Maternity CAT)

After seeing my score for this adaptive exam, I feel I could have done better. However, I will take it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. I noticed I spent a long time on multiple questions that I had answered incorrectly, because I dwelled too long and changed my answer from the correct one to an incorrect choice. This is a habit I have been working on improving throughout this course. I also saw that I sped through a couple of the questions when I should have slowed down to read them more thoroughly. I will definitely try to break this habit of reading the question too quickly during future assessments. I may try to combat this by taking more breaks to reset and refresh my focus. The remediation process was helpful in clarifying some outstanding topics I demonstrated confusion on throughout this adaptive assessment. One example of a topic I need to spend some time reviewing is the fetal heart monitoring strips. I saw several questions during my remediation that I answered incorrectly involving interpretation of fetal heart monitor information. I will keep what I have learned from the remediation process in mind for my future practice assessments.