Attaining and Protecting my Professional Nursing License

I intend to become licensed in New Hampshire, which is pair of the Nurse Licensure Compact. Paper applications are no longer accepted in NH, it is a web-based application. Official transcripts are required for licensing. Criminal background checks and fingerprinting are also required. There is a paper release authorization form to be filled out, and a check payable to “State of NH – Criminal Records” for $48.25 must be brought to the Criminal Records Unit in Concord for the fingerprinting process.

According to the New Hampshire State Board of Nursing, any person who suspects or has evidence that a licensed nurse has violated rules and regulations or practiced unethically may report it by submitting an “Enforcement Complaint Form”. An investigation is conducted, and may be brought to the Board for further review and enforcement. The Board may dismiss the complaint, send a Letter of Concern (non-disciplinary), or move forward with the disciplinary process after review. Disciplinary actions may include fines, restricting scope of practice, educational remediation exercises, and revoking of license. New Hampshire recovery resources provided include NH Narcotics Anonymous, Safe Harbor Recovery Center, and links to training websites.

Some things I will keep in mind as I begin practicing as a nurse in the future is to always ensure my patients have the capacity to understand procedures, have had all questions answered, and have had a detailed explanation about procedures. We have learned about being mandated reporters as nurses and what the signs of different forms of abuse and neglect are – I will be sure to thoroughly assess my patients for these signs and always report suspected or known abuse. Additionally, staying up to date with evidence based practice and participating in continuing education can ensure I am upholding the standard of safe practice at all time.