Preparation for Licensure 3

After taking this adaptive pediatric quiz, I saw a decent amount of improvement in my test taking skills and score. I found myself changing answers less, which I think contributed to my increased overall score on the quiz. I also noticed that I did not have as many select all that apply questions answered incorrectly, which was another one of my goals. I also think it helped that I have been doing a lot of studying for pediatrics lately because of the exam and proctored ATI assessment I had this week. I feel I was very much in the right headspace to improve my score on this adaptive quiz as a lot of the information was fresh in my mind. I answered close to 200 questions, which was more than I had to answer on the previous quiz, but I achieved a higher score this time. I will keep this in mind on the next assessment to not be discouraged by an increasing question count. For the next assessment I hope to continue to refrain from changing my answers, take breaks appropriately, and to increase my confidence in my responses.