Learning Outcome 1

My chosen writing project to showcase is the first essay of the year, because I feel I was able to surprise myself with the final draft. I found that I could learn a lot in a short amount of time and it really showed. My whole writing and revising process had been changed from what I had learned in high school, and I am now left with more efficient strategies that help me produce better writing overall. Prior to taking this English course, I would focus on local edits during peer review sessions in high school. The idea of global edits was not even introduced as a focus, but now that I have started to use it I have seen a big difference in the bigger picture of my writing and have been able to achieve a new overall clarity. The word count for this paper was quite high, so it was difficult for me to fill it in my draft (and I did not quite make it). During the revising process, we had to focus on global edits when peer editing. This helped me not only get great suggestions from peers, but to work on my paper myself with that mindset as well. As a result, I was able to adjust the flow, find new claims to develop, and find more evidence to support my thesis. With all of these adjustments, I was able to appropriately lengthen my paper. The global revisions made the daunting task of filling that high word count much simpler than I was anticipating. The local revision process came after I had the bulk of the paper completed. I was able to tweak the more minor errors with a read through of my final draft. The local revisions were more of a focus on “polishing” my essay. Overall, my revising process has come a very long way since entering this English course. I have now opened my eyes to the bigger picture of the paper, which helps everything fall into place both globally and locally.