I have chosen to interview my sister who has been a registered nurse since 2019. I am choosing to interview her for this assignment because I feel we had similar qualities growing up, and I feel it will be interesting to see how she has grown from these into a leader today. Some qualities we have shared that are not characteristic of a strong leader include timidness and being a “push-over”. I have seen us both grow out of these to some extent, but watching her grow during her first years as a nurse has been inspiring. Her informal leadership skills that she exhibited since being hired included being a strong advocate for her patient and always ensuring other staff had the help they needed. She has since had the opportunity to demonstrate formal leadership as a charge nurse for the unit. I am most interested in learning how she has been able to have this self-growth that makes her such a strong patient advocate and valuable member of the healthcare team, about any internal or external obstacles she has faced, and about any advice she has.

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  1. Excellent Daisy! Having someone close to you that has just experienced this transition and is now a leader on the unit is such a special opportunity for you to learn and grow yourself.

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