Planning Change

Since my group members all have clinical on the same day and the same class schedule for the most part, we should be able to schedule days we can meet to work on our project. If not, we will be able to take advantage of zoom. I do not anticipate any need for conflict management, however each member of the group can complete their tasks and then we can come together as a group to revise the work as a whole. This way, it is more of a group completed assignment with communication rather than broken up individual pieces that do not fit together. Communication is key in the event conflict management is needed, whether that be about lack of participation or needing to improve quality of work. A barrier I anticipate, as I have just addressed, is the risk of the work coming out as separate chunks that do not fit together instead of one cohesive end product. To overcome this, I think the team should be sure to check over all other member’s work in order to blend it together well and ensure everyone’s understanding of the elements. Last semester, I completed the semester long assignment individually. That had its own benefits in improving my ability to work independently. This semester, I will complete this project with others which will help me work as part of a team. This will help me in future nursing practice because having the ability to work as part of the healthcare team and using good communication skills are critical to providing the best patient care.