Prepare for Transition

As I look toward the next few months, I am most excited to accomplish graduating, passing the NCLEX, and starting my first job as an RN. I think it will be a great feeling to finally reach these milestones that I have been working for. I don’t know exactly how I will celebrate, but there will certainly big a big sigh of relief! I am most anxious about taking the NCLEX, as well as the uncertainty I currently have about where I would like to work. I have found interest in behavioral health and PACU, but I still feel unsure about where I should start as a new graduate and want to make sure I have the ability to make a change in specialty if I felt the need to. It is somewhat overwhelming to think about the wide range of areas a nurse can work in.

The ATI tools I have already used and those that I will use during the progression of this course are helping me learn test taking strategies and about the style of the questioning that is used on the NCLEX. To stay focused and on track weekly, I want to be sure to manage my time effectively and find a balance between coursework for other classes and this one. Achieving the balance between work and rest is something I have continuously worked on through my academic career. I am sure I will be adapting my schedule and time management as the semester progresses and needs change.